sábado, 27 de outubro de 2012

Vintage mood - The Flea Market

Heeeey guys ♡ Inês's here! Teresa and I have decided that from now and then, we'll be posting some individual posts... this way, you'll be able to know a little bit more about our personal thoughts and, since we can't hang out everday of the week, the blog will still be uploaded:) But, DON'T WORRY, we're still going to make posts together quite often... 
Today, I went with 2 of my good friends to a little vintage market, "The Flea Market". This market happens once a month in several locations in the city. Today was in Foz, which is like the "seaside" of Porto. It was sooo much fun :D
As always, I took some photos...
Here they are!

P.S.: The photos have polaroid frames because i thought it looks good! hahaha

Hope you enjoyed ✌ ♥
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Inês Bastos from Le Fashion Cocktail

quinta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2012

The New Old

Hey sweeties! The other day we went to a vintage clothing store with a couple of friends :) 
We had the chance to see some REALLY cool clothes as well as accessories <3
We have been working a lot for the blog so, it would mean the WORLD to us if you could just send us your feedback and maybe share it with your friends and family... 
Here are the photos we took the other day...

 Teresa's outfit

Oversized sweater - H&M
White tank top - Zara
Leggings - Zara
Sneakers - Converse
Purse - Longchamp

Inês's outfit

Oversized sweater - Primark
Jeggings - Pull & Bear
Jacket - Pull & Bear
Booties - Seaside
Scarf - Parfois
Purse - Dayaday

 Hope you enjoyed,
Le Fashion Cocktail